Kitchen cupboard basics


Since opening in November 2016 we’ve been adding and adding products to our shelves. Here’s a few of the things we think are really valuable to keep in the kitchen:

  • Roasted red peppers to layer on pizzas and gallettes, to use as anti pasti or mix into a Mediterranean stew.
  • Artichoke to add body to salads, feature in a light stew or maybe, with the addition of a olive dressing just served by themselves.
  • Pesto for everything, may be not literally but not far off. Fragrant and piquant.
  • Very good Olive Oil for the same reason though this one’s best for dressings or perhaps as an accompaniment to fingers of toasted sourdough.
  • in the background, Gnocci, as a side or main dish laced with a little olive oil with a dusting of pepper and a sprinkling of salt.
  1. Helen says

    Hello all.

    Do you stock The Vegg egg yolk replacer? I don’t live locally (sadly) but will come to get it from you if I know you have it.

    Thank you.


    1. bailgate says

      Hi Helen,

      We almost always have egg replacer in stock and can reserve one for you. It’s a core ingredient in our cakes.

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